Ruby On Rails For Creativity Efficiency and Quality Design

Ruby On Rails For Creativity Efficiency and Quality Design

A senior developer or engineer position within a team that makes extensive use of open source
tools and dynamic languages (especially Ruby on Rails, Python, or Perl) and that will benefit from my technical
experience and penchant for creativity, efficiency, and quality design.


  • Dynamic language based development
    • Ruby: Rails On Rails, Sinatra, Unicorn/Passenger, Bundler, RVM/rbenv, Gem publication, RSpec, pure Ruby
    • Python: Django, Zope/Plone, wxPython
    • Perl: OO, DBI, regex, mod_perl, XML, text processing
    • Highly effective communication, documentation, and comprehension skills
    • Cloud and virtualization infrastructure architecting and provisioning (AWS, OpenStack, VirtualBox, and Vagrant)
    • Java and PHP development experience
    • Basic C/C++ familiarity (primarily with the alteration of existing code bases)
    • Web server deployment and configuration (Apache and Nginx)
    • Revision control system proficiency (GitHub, Git, Subversion, CVS, and some Perforce and ClearCase)
    • SQL proficiency (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MS SQL) and NoSQL and search proficiency (Redis and Solr)
    • Shell scripting (Bourne, Bash, Korn, and Z shells)
    • Proficiency with XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, REST, DTD validation, XSLT transformation
    • High level of familiarity and comfort with Windows, unix (Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc.), and OS X


Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)

Sorrento Valley, CA

June 2008 – Present

Senior Online Engineer

Worked within a team dedicated to providing first and third party PlayStation video games with server-side online functionality such as leaderboards, profiles, chat, game servers, metrics, trophies, and data syncing.

Made significant contributions to all aspects of our various Ruby based applications using Rails, Sinatra, Resque, Rake, and EventMachine.

Shared responsibility for cloud based architecting, provisioning, and deployments (against public and private cloud environments using AWS and OpenStack) and lead development of Vagrant/VirtualBox based virtualization imaging. Utilized most all components in the AWS stack (EC2, EBS, OpenWorks, S3, elastic ips, etc.). Provisioned software with Chef, Vlad/rake-remote_task, and a series of custom Rake based deployment tools.

Led efforts to introduce, improve, and standardize unit testing, client and server environment configurations, and coding guidelines and best practices.

Worked with local and remote game development teams to integrate client support for our offerings, based on utilizing a C++ SDK piece that makes REST based XML service calls. Adapted to each game team’s different sprint planning procedures and project management tools.

Interfaced directly with project producers, managers, game devs, QA staff, and NOC staff to transition titles from development to QA and out into production.


Sorrento Valley, CA

June 2006 – May 2008


Senior Programmer Analyst

Worked within a small team to develop and maintain internal and external facing custom web applications using Perl, Python, and an enterprise Java based technology stack (Struts, JSF, MyFaces, Tomahawk, OC4J, and Oracle).

Assumed lead development responsibilities for QSRP, an in-house code validation system that compares project contributions at check-in time against a database of known exploits, bugs, and viruses. QSRP consisted of roughly 50,000 lines of Python code, a PHP web interface, Berkeley DB, and MySQL, Ruby on Rails.

Assumed lead development responsibilities for a highly customized Qualcomm instance of Best Practical’s “Request Tracker” ticketing system. Pioneered and introduced several significant new functionality enhancements and performance improvements. Implemented a built-from-scratch custom packaging and deployment system for distributing the application across multiple load balanced instances. Technologies include object oriented Perl, Mason, mod_perl2, Apache2, Oracle, and Solaris.

First American CREDCO

Poway, CA

September 1997 – June 2006

Lead Developer (December 2005 – June 2006)

Developed and introduced a Rails based web application framework for internal intranet use in order to consolidate various existing console and web based Perl, Java, mod_perl, and PHP tools. These tools had previously been deployed to several teams in several different formats and locations, each with their own deployment complications. With the move to consolidate these tools on a single server with the view layer accessible via only a browser, the deployment, maintenance, and authentication pieces saw great improvements in simplicity and effectiveness. The new apps are built in Ruby on Rails, and served up by Lighttpd running on Linux.

Assumed lead development for the company’s premier web portal solution, “CREDCOConnect”. CREDCOConnect has a servlet based infrastructure that provides clientele with HTTPS based access to CREDCO’s products and services. Re-architected the platform to replace its proprietary I/O system with a flexible solution that allows modular support for all current and future data formats. Worked closely with project managers, business managers, database admins, sysadmins, architects, QA personnel, and other developers to additionally introduce several major new improvements to the platform.

Systems Engineer (June 2004 – November 2005)

Served as a member of an elite four employee Systems Engineering team comprised of senior developers to produce enterprise development guidelines with regards to application dependencies, security, logging, performance, support requirements, etc. Joined several projects as chief Systems Engineer to offer suggestions for new development efforts on how to best implement these guidelines, and to retroactively enforce the guidelines for existing platforms.

Produced multiple Java desktop apps featuring SSL communications, database interaction, GUI multi-threading, IBM MQ interaction, encryption, XML parsing and generation, etc. Revision controlled these apps with ClearCase, packaged them with Ant, and released them with customized NSIS installers.

Produced hundreds of extensible, custom parsers in Perl and Ruby to aggregate and quantify data from various sources including web logs, database tables, XML, source code, unix process output, proprietary text and binary formats, etc.

Architected, scripted, and tested the autonomous alteration of over a half million lines of C++ source code across several packages for a large scale corporate COTS component upgrade.

Worked closely with several external .NET, J2EE, Perl, Ruby, PHP, C++, and Curl developers to facilitate third party platform integration with the company’s web based portals. Developed and maintained sample source code, reviewed and contributed to developer guides, produced DTD validators with extra custom non-DTD based validation (based on business logic), and facilitated client side digital certificate deployment and configuration.

Created custom tools for the IT Security department for use in tracking malicious and fraudulent activity involving private consumer data in order to regularly convert large numbers of proprietary logs into meaningful leads for the FBI.

Automated several QA, DBA, and Network Operations Center (NOC) based regression tests (involving FTP, HTTP, SSL, SQL, Ruby on Rails, and/or custom I/O tasks), eliminating the need for manual, after hours on-call support for a variety of internal and customer facing platforms.

Senior Technical Analyst (February 1999 – May 2004)

Developed and maintained a full suite of mod_perl based Informix front-end tools to simplify various complex dynamic SQL based research tasks.

Developed and administered multiple Linux and BSD hosted, database driven intranet sites built in PHP with interactive user content updating functionality.

Designed and deployed multiple automated statistics gathering applications to produce tripwire style near instantaneous activity tracking, as well as qualitative post activity analysis work on a per hour, day, week, or month basis.

Technical Analyst (September 1997 – February 1999)

Worked with external developers, administrators, and end users via phone and e-mail to resolve both new platform deployment issues and routine troubleshooting issues related to existing deployments of web and desktop based Loan Origination Software packages.

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