Ruby On Rails For Creativity Efficiency and Quality Design

Ruby On Rails For Creativity Efficiency and Quality Design

A senior developer or engineer position within a team that makes extensive use of open source
tools and dynamic languages (especially Ruby on Rails, Python, or Perl) and that will benefit from my technical
experience and penchant for creativity, efficiency, and quality design. [Read more…]

Senior Ruby On Rails for Mission Critical Projects

Senior Ruby On Rails for Mission Critical Projects

Senior Ruby on Rails Programmer with extensive experience doing ground-up development for several mission-critical projects.   Responsible for the concept, coding, testing, implementation, user training, and technical support of new systems. Experienced with agile development methodologies and Behvaior Driven Development.

Programming Languages, Databases, Tools

Ruby 1.9.3, Ruby on Rails 3.2, RSpec, Jruby, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Haml, JavaScript, XML, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Oracle, Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS), Soap4r,  Java, J2EE, Hibernate, Eclipse IDE, JUnit, Assembler, RubyMine [Read more…]

Ruby On Rails and Programming Languages

Ruby On Rails and Programming Languages

More Than ten years of experience with Unix-like

Operating Systems, doing both development and system

administration. Able to work both on my own or with a team.

Proven success of diagnosing and resolving

complex system and network problems.

Computer Programming Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, Perl, Bourne shell, C, C++, TCL, Python.

[Read more…]

Considering Subcontracting For Ruby On Rails Consider The Following

Considering Subcontracting For Ruby On Rails Consider The Following

Java, Ruby on Rails, Perl, PHP, Python, XSLT, Shell scripting, C, C++, x86 Assembly, Visual Basic

Ruby on Rails, Sequel, Rack, Mongrel, RMagick, Starling, Capistrano, libxml ruby, Ruby extension development, memcached

J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Swing, AWT, SWT, JAXP, JAXB,  JCA, JavaMail, Java Security, EJB,  JDBC, JWS, JAX-RPC, IIOP, RMI, Struts, JNDI, Xalan, Xerces, Toplink, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Apache Ant, Maven, JasperReports, JNI, JNA, Eclipse Plug-in development

XML, XSLT, XPath, libxml2, libXSLT, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, SOAP, WSDL, UML, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Oracle, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI / OBIEE), MySQL, SQL Server, Sybase, Postgres, ODBC, DAO, ADO, Data Warehousing, ETL development, Data Mining, Data Modeling, Schema design, Stored Procedure development. [Read more…]

Ruby on Rails, C, C++/C#, Java, JavaScript, Android SDK, .NET 2.0-4.0, ASP, MS SQL Server

Experiece Is Key


Azure Developer & Architect, Windows Azure ISG 2011-Present

Technical lead, cloud developer, and solution architect for the Windows Azure Inside Solutions Group.

Advised Microsoft’s international clients in cloud computing, application development, and mobile migration.

Advised Microsoft’s institutional clients on High Performance Computing (HPC) using Apache Hadoop. [Read more…]

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